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Size scale for my patterns

(Please note - the finished bust can change slightly according to the style selected)

cm (inches) 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22




(34 1/2)


(36 1/4)

(37 3/4)


(39 1/2)






(45 3/4)



Finished Bust


(36 1/4)


(37 3/4)


(39 1/2)




(42 1/2)




(46 1/2)


(49 1/2)



Finished Hip


(35 1/2)




(38 1/2)




(41 1/2)


(43 3/4)


(45 1/2)




(50 1/2)


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Jackets  (back to top)

Boiled Wool Jacket     $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  P#301     Size 6 - 22 (all in one pattern)  
This unique design will look super with some tone on tone embroidery


New Boiled Wool Car Coat     $17.25 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#303     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
Looks like a car coat, feels like a sweater. This unlined coat made from boiled wool is easy to sew and excellent for the creative at heart (embroidery, top-stitching etc.) Raglan sleeves for comfort!


Knit Cardigan Jacket     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#304      Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)
Popular by demand! This versatile sweater cardigan can be made out of a knit fabric, or a soft woven fabric. Can be casual or lengthen for that new tailored look (depending on fabric). Easy to fit, easy to sew.  


Casual Denim Jacket     $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#305      Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This great fitting, un-lined jacket has contour lines and exposed zippered pockets in front. The back has a yoke (+ little detail), center seam and darts. Looks fabulous with the “Designer Denim Skirt" (P#604), with jeans (P#906) or any other pants or skirts.


The URBAN Jungle Coat     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#306      Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)
A 3/4 length all-weather coat, lined with a wild animal print (or anything wild). It can be made of denim, twill , corduroy or any other fabric.


All Weather Rain Coat     $18.25 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#307     Size 6 - 20 (all in one pattern)  
Full length or as a 3/4 length car coat, this semi-raglan coat is very stylish with its zippered pocket detail and the extra back-flap. The semi raglan sleeve is very easy to sew and fit!



Leather Jacket     $21.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#308     Size 8 - 20 (all in one pattern) 
This semi casual jacket is fabulous in leather as well as in Denim. This pattern can be made with a stand-up collar of a regular fold over collar. Instructions are specifically for leather, but are easy to translate to regular sewing and can be sewn on a regular machine. The yoke and contour lines are elegant and fit well. Very popular with my students!


Saddle Sleeve Cardigan     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#311     Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
Sweater sets are back by popular demand, so why not sew a knit Saddle Sleeve Cardigan in addition to the Saddle Sleeve T-shirt (P#709). Same "Saddle Sleeve" application and perfect fit.


Simple Classic Jacket     $17.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#312     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This style of jacket will always be fashionable. Slightly fitted with a classic lapel, welt pocket and a tailored  looking sleeve will be in style forever.


Chanel Jacket     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#313     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This simple channel jacket is constructed the "old-fashioned Chanel way". A lot is done be hand, but with the use of modern fuseable interfacing, it is actually a pleasurable change and the results is fantastic!!


Little "HOT" Leather Jacket     $22.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#315     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This leather jacket will look fabulous in soft leather, suede, ultra-suede as well as in denim, tweed etc. Instruction are  for the leather, but are easy to convert to regular fabric. A versatile jacket for dress or casual wear.


Coat Cape     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#316     Size - small, medium & Large (all in one pattern)  
It is a cape and looks like a coat. Designed to look elegant, without all the bulk of a cape. The one button closure at the side will also keep the warmth inside.


Fitted Jean Jacket    $16.75 Cdn (+ GST) 
Pattern  P#317     Size 8 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
A jean jacket that fits around the arms and bust. Has stylish details on the button cuffs and breast pockets. It is just not as bulky as a regular jean jacket.


European Knit Jacket     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#318     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This super cute jacket can be made out of boiled wool, fleece or anything else you like. The seams to the outside gives this jacket a real European style but with seams to the inside, this jacket looks classy. Easy to fit, easy to sew.


1960 Retro Jacket      $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#319     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This semi-fitted jacket is made out of Boiled Wool knit fabric. Un-lined, easy to make and feels like a sweater.


Classic Winter Coat      $20.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#320    Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
Stylish and fitted, this coat can be made 3/4 length or longer. The contour lines are flattering for any figure type!


Fleece Designer  Jacket      $17.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#321   Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
The style is flattering, it fits nicely over the bust with a princess line. Semi raglan sleeves! Easy to fit, easy to make! Not lined!


Sassy Leather Bomber Jacket      $19.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#322   Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This jacket should be made out of a soft lamb skin leather. Although it looks difficult and classy, it is easy to make on a regular sewing machine.


Wrap Coat      $17.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#323   Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This wrap coat is made with a double faced fabric (suede and sherpa or fleece and sherpa) and therefore will not need to be lined making it that much easier to construct Contour lines and darts are butted together for a smooth finish.


Pintucked Jean Jacket      $17.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#324   Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This delightful jacket looks great in Denim, Linen or any other specialty fabric. The pintucked collar, cuffs and peplum gives this jacket a well fitted European touch


Blouse's  (back to top)

Balkan Blouse      $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#401      Size S, M, and L (all in one pattern)
This easy fitting blouse is a joy to sew. This blouse will look elegant on most figure types. Softer fabric, such as silk or rayon will work well for this style.  


Chantilly Shirt     $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#402      Size S, M, and L all in one
This beautiful shirt will lend itself to embellishment or leave it plain. Very nice made up in white cotton or more casual, in a soft 6 oz denim. Loose fitting.


Classic Blouse     $16.25 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern P#403     Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This classic, yet stylish blouse has side darts for a better fit. Sleeve has elbow seam which end in bottom slits. Collar stands up in back and falls open in front. Nice fit and easy to sew.


Well  Fitted Shirt     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#404     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
Having a contour line and a dart in the front will make this the best fitting shirt for any cup size. The classic two-piece collar and the long sleeve with cut-on cuffs will make it that timeless shirt you are looking for!


Designer Shirt   Under construction   $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#405   Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
A nice  twist from a classic shirt. The stand up collar and cuffs are trimmed with a satin bias. The satin loops are a nice detail. A nice fitted shirt!


Dresses and Jumpers  (back to top)

Designer Denim Dress      $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#502     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)
This classic princess style dress is a must in every  woman’s wardrobe. The slanted down designer pockets will give it a slimming effect. Comfortable and elegant! Great in 6 – 10 oz Denim, Silk Noile, Wool Crepe or Rayon (pre-washed)


Little BLACK Dress     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#503     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)
That one elegant dress for all occasions!! The empire line and princess style skirt are the details which will never go out of style. The double needle work in the front will hide a multitude of sins and give that interesting designer look. This sweet-heart neck-line is repeated in the sleeve finish. 


Draped Dress     $20.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#504     Size 8 – 22 (all in one pattern)
This wrap dress with the folds down the front, is slimming and hiding of natures imperfections quite nicely. Elegant looking and fairly easy to sew.


Classic Shirt Waist Dress     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#505     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)
This timeless dress is easy to fit with triple darts giving the dress that perfect shape. Leaves the darts out and use a belt. Either way, this is a stylish dress will never become dated.


Skirts  (back to top)

Wrap-Around Culottes     $7.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#601     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This easy to sew, fun garment can be made long, skirt length or as shorts! Looks good in Linen, Polyester Crepe or Rayon. Comfortable and easy to fit. Very easy to fold for traveling. Can be embellished, left just plain or use a printed fabric.


Denim Collectibles     $18.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#602     Size 8 – 22 ( all in one pattern) 
Cute vest with front zipper, contour line (for nice fitting) and easy pockets. A flattering skirt with a front pleat, front and back pockets. Looks super in denim, twill or wool crepe or any other bottom weight fabric.  


Wrap Skirt     $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#603     Size 8 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This comfortable, lined wrap skirt can be made with or without front pockets, embroidered or left plain (classic). Easy to fit! Denim, Twill, Wool or a Suede type fabric can be used.  


Designer Denim Skirt     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#604     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
Long, elegant and yet casual. Button closure, contour lines with exposed zipper pockets in front. Back pockets and a long slit opening for comfort in the back. Cut-on waist band with loops for style and comfort!


Casual Twill Skirt     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)
 Pattern  P#605     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)
This straight, slimming skirt, with its two overlapping openings (vent) in the front and a nice long slit in the back is made for comfort. The slanted, zippered pockets are a nice designer detail (hip looks smaller!). The no waistband finish is just slightly below the waist.


Easy Flared Skirt with "FRINGE" benefits     $16.25 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#607     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
An attractive skirt with fashionable fringed (or no fringed) edges. The seams will make you taller and slimmer. The no waist band style, but a facing finish, make it very comfortable to wear.


"Soft and Simple" Skirt     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern P#608     Size 8 - 24 (all in one pattern)  
This ever classic six-gore skirt has a slight flip and is easy to sew and fit. This skirt looks good on any body type (slim, not so slim, short or tall).


Fashionable Denim Design     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#610     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
Timeless and elegant , this denim skirt is unique and comfortable. Looks SUPER in Denim!


Antique Pleated Skirt     $17.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#612     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
With the techniques of antique pleating in the instructions, this slightly tapered skirt with a faced waist band and flared bottom, is surely the most elegant skirt of this season  


Flip Skirt     $14.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#614     Size 4 – 22 (all in one pattern) 
This straight skirt with a flared bottom will flip nicely when you walk. The fringed edge at the bottom and on the seam gives it a trendy flavor. Very nice in linen, micro fiber and any medium weight fabric. Super cute in denim. 


Flared Culottes     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern P#615     Size 4 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
Culottes are derived from a skirt pattern and are very easy to fit. These are as elegant and comfortable as they look. A hot and popular item.


Hot Denim Skirt     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#616     Size 8 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This designer skirt is straight in the front and has a contour line back and a flare at the bottom (just in the back). The front is shorter and the back is longer. Very unique! 


A Line Skirt (with front pocket)     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#617     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
Everyone needs that basic classic skirt in their closet. Front pockets and a slight A Line give it a comfortable fit. 


All Season Skirt   $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#618     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This skirt with a wide yoke and a belt is very comfortable and elegant looking. The pockets give it that extra designer touch.


Easy Designer Wrap Skiurt   $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#619     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This bias wrap is attached to a straight yoke with center back zipper. The slight flare has a soft nice drape.


Lingerie  (back to top)

Camisole    $9.00 Cdn (+ GST)   
Pattern  P#701    Size 8 –22 (all in one pattern)   
Simply elegant. Nice fitting and fun to make, with a few heirloom techniques.  Beautiful if made out of anti static Antron (slip fabric), gorgeous when made from silk Charmeuse (polyester Charmeuse works too)!


T- Shirts and Knits  (back to top)

Tailored T-Shirt or GOLF shirt    $16.75  Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#707   Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This well fitted T-shirt has a tailored look with  contour line detail. Easy to sew, easy to fit. Three different neck lines are also included in the pattern.


Saddle Sleeve T-Shirt     $11.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#709     Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This T-shirt has an unique sleeve application which will fit the regular, square or narrow shoulders. Still a perfect fit with the elegant contour line.


Double Front V-Neck T-Shirt     $16.50 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  P#714     Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This top has a double front, which makes it very easy to finish the neck edge and is easy to sew as well. The contour line with the gathers makes this an elegant looking top!


Hot Trendy Sweater     $16.50 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  P#715     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
The trend is low neck-lines! This sweater out of slightly heavier knit is ideal to wear with a camisole or tank top underneath.


Raglan T-Shirt     $12.50 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  P#716     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
A lower neck line with soft gathers around the edge and easy fit (and sew) short sleeve is a perfect solution to wear under a cardigan. It looks and fits nice.


Raglan Cardigan     $12.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#717     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This raglan cardigan is the perfect match for pattern 716, or wear as a stand alone little cardigan.


Knit Top with Front Drape     $16.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#718     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
An A-symmetrical top with slight gathers to the side on the contour line will not only look spiffy, but also hide a multiple of sins in the front area. The lower neck-line is right in style but worn with a camisole not too revealing. Ideal for the larger bust size as well.


Turtle Neck T-shirt with neck gathers $16.75  Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#719   Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
This turtle neck has flattering gathers around the neck. The fitted turtle neck has a back zipper closure. Can be mad with long or short sleeves.


Very Easy Doleman Sweater   $13.00  Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#720   Size S,M & L (all in one pattern)  
This Doleman sleeve T-shirt is surprisingly elegant and looks good on any figure type. Very easy to fit, very easy to sew!


Front Draped T-shirt   $16.75  Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#721   Size 6 - 22 (all in one pattern)  
This Doleman sleeve T-shirt is surprisingly elegant and looks good on any figure type. Very easy to fit, very easy to sew!


Vests  (back to top)

Easy Lined Vest     $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  P#801     Size 8 – 20 (all on one pattern)  
A classic vest which fits nicely over the bust and arm-hole area. Can be sewn lined (tapestry, corduroy, twill etc) or unlined (fleece). Decorative zippers for pockets and front gives this vest an unique look.


Antique Pleated Vest     $15.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#802     Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
This classic vest with an antique pleated back-panel will compliment the Antique Pleated skirt (P#612) as an elegant outfit or just make it out of any type of fabric.


Fleece Lined Designer Vest   $16.75  Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#803   Size 6 - 22 (all in one pattern)  
This vest can be worn over a fleece jacket or just as a golf vest. It is lined with a thin fleece, has a zippered front pockets, a nice fitted contour line and a beautiful detailed back with twin needle work.


Shorts and  Pants  (back to top)

Golf Shorts and/or Skorts     $13.25 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#901     Size 8 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
These versatile golf shorts have side pockets and a back pocket. Front pockets are optional. The front seams give a slimming effect. Can be sewn as Skorts by adding  a front panel.


Classic Pants Pattern     $15.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#902     Size 6 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
Try this simple, but  elegant pant pattern for a basic classic fit. Side seam pockets are flattering and easy to sew!


Pants with Shaped Waist Band     $15.50 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#903   Size 4 – 20 (all in one pattern)    
A slightly wider pant leg and a shaped band instead of a regular waist band makes this pant elegant and comfortable.


Knit Pull-up Pants     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#904     Size 4 – 20 (all in one pattern)  
Pull up pants, which do not look like "pull-on's". The ones with the cut-on waist band is fast and easy. The other model, with the wider waist band, is stylish and still easy.


Designer Pants     $16.75 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#905     Size 6 – 22 (all in one pattern)  
Designer pants with a seam down the back and a forward seams. The back seams allow for easy altering over the seat and back leg area. The front side seams make the side pocket fit better as well. Waistband is slightly lower and the waist.


Designer Jeans       $16.75  Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#906   Size 4 - 22 (all in one pattern)  
The back leg has a shaped seam, which allows you to shape it even more, a side seam brought slightly forward for a better fit over the hip area and a shaped waistband, slightly lower than the waist. Back yoke, front and back pockets are all part of these super jeans.


CD's and DVD's  (back to top)

Zipper DVD     $25.00 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  4Zip-vid     

57 minutes instructional DVD for:

1: Lapped Zipper

2: Invisible Zipper

3: Front Fly Zipper

4: Zipper in fleece

5: Hard copy instructions



Pant Fitting DVD     $30.00 Cdn (+ GST)  
Pattern  pant fit-vid     

Instructional DVD for perfect fitting pants.



Books  (back to top)

Pant Fitting     $26.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Have a "Fit" (pant fitting that is!)
Drafting your pants according to your own measurements, how to check commercial pant patterns and how to fit the most common fitting problems. How to change your well fitted patterns into jeans, jogging pants, shorts etc. plus  drafting for the fuller sizes.


Pattern Drafting     $21.00 Cdn (+ GST)
for the beginner (skirt)
The easy way of learning the skills of pattern drafting (skirts only). Simply follow the instructions and you should be able to draft different skirts on your own.


Pattern Fitting and Altering     $26.00 Cdn (+ GST)
or the art on "cheating"
An easy method for choosing the right size pattern and how to measure. Where to check and alter you pattern before cutting your skirts, blouses, dresses, jackets or pants. 


Step by Step Tailoring     $26.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Start choosing the right size pattern. Check and alter before you start cutting. Tailoring from beginning to end, is made easy in this step by step method. This reference book will apply to all types of jackets.


Tricks of the Trade     $26.00 Cdn (+ GST)
A collection of the most common problems in sewing as they appeared in the Flair Section of the Edmonton Journal


Kids  (back to top)

Magic Play Suit     $13.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#101     Sizes 6 mo till 4 yrs.
This play suit with a double front will act as a bib. When dirty, flip over to the other side and a clean side appears. Made for either boys or girls. The rolled-up legs are ideal for growing children.  


Magic Jumper     $13.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern P#201     Size 6 mo – 6 yrs (all in one pattern)  
One jumper, two chances. The double front is an ideal 2nd chance of keeping that jumper clean.


Misc  (back to top)

Basic Bodice     $10.00 Cdn (+ GST)
Pattern  P#057     Size 6 – 24 (all in one pattern)  
As the name says : a basic bodice pattern for those who want to draft their own patterns.


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